Saturday, September 12, 2009

NBSR Westbound Sept 11

It had been along time since I saw a westbound leave the city.. So I had to tape it.. even in the dark. When I arrived at Carle Ave the crew was doing some final shunts before they hooked on to their train. After about 45 minutes they had the brake test done and were receiving their clearance. That's when I left for the Acamac Backland Rd.
I decided on black and white just to try and help with the dark. Got set up and my car headlights on and waited. The GP38s sounded great working hard to get the train up to speed as they approached the crossing. Then at 9:07pm  2318, slug 008 and 9801 rolled through with 46 cars.
Also watch for the rule breaker in the video...

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