Friday, July 8, 2011

Lots of things new...

Well the first two, HLCX 911 & 906, of four units being leased by NBSR arrived into Saint John yesterday on CN train 406. My good friend, Matt "saintjohnrailfan" Landry, managed to catch 406 as it approached Saint John with the two ex-UP locos. So to make up for missing the units arrival into town because of work, I headed out to grab some pictures this morning. The shots I did get aren't that great as there is always something getting in the shot. I shot my pictures of HLCX 911 from the Staples and Brett's parking lots. 906 was blocked for getting any good shots.
Here is a link to Matt's video of 406 with the units in tow

Now back in November I mentioned I heard a NBSR crew member mention a new wood chip unloader going to be built. I've recently noticed that they do have it done. It's located behind Moosehead Breweries just west of the truck dumper for Irving Pulp & Paper. It's an excavator like machine on top of an archway that the railcars can go through underneath it. The unloader digs the chips out of the cars and puts them into a green hopper which funnels the chips onto a conveyor belt that puts the chips with the other big pile coming from the trucks being unloaded. I grabbed a few shots as I was heading to Carle Ave today and a couple days ago. Here are a few of the shots.

Now I've been trying to railfan as much as possible. I've been doing pretty good for videos. But it's been so long since I posted about any I've got a backlog. I'll just point out a few of my most recent videos on YouTube.

First is a video of our motorcar group giving rides in McAdam on Canada Day

Second is a NBSR westbound leaving Saint John with 2610 pretending to be an ALCO

And third is CN train 439 with Herzog Ballast train crossing Reversing Falls Bridge