Saturday, June 19, 2010

NBSR 9801 Repainted

I thought I'd pass along a link to a photo... I never heard anything about 9801 getting painted but here it is all done..

2 More NBSR Vids..

Now for some more NBSR sightings.. On June 17th I caught the daily eastbound coming into town. 2317 was in the lead of the 69 car train. My first shot is in Grand Bay at mile 12.15 and then I caught it crossing the Acamac Backland Rd. The slow orders associated with the track work have been keeping the trains at a snails pace.. Here's the video.

Now today I managed to get off work 3 hours early so I was heading out to see some trains in the nice weather. Well there were two passenger excursions on the McAdam Sub today. I caught the second trip and chased it to Welsford. 2319 was the unit on todays train and it was running long hood forward. I caught the small train in a couple of spots such as leaving SJ in South Bay, Grand Bay, Westfield Beach, and then in Welsford. Pardon the commentary from my son Joey in some of the clips.. lol

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Changes..

You may notice some changes to my blog in the next little while. I'm looking at changing the template to it and I am still finding one I really like. The one main reason for the change was I didn't like how narrow the posts were on my blog before. Plus a little change never hurts..

Some CN Action..

Back on June 13th I went with Saintjohnrailfan on a little CN adventure. We thought we would try going to Chipman for a change. But when we arrived in Chipman we had little time to prepare. Luckily Matt heard a signal called on the scanner so we could turn around and get to a spot up the line. We caught 120 heading to Moncton. Once the train rolled through we headed for Moncton. Once there we saw 305 at Berry Mills. 2 locals were caught at the Delong Dr overpass in Moncton. And then we chased 406 westbound to Saint John. It was a pretty good day!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ooo a westbound...

Just by luck I happened upon this westbound. I heard them call their clearance to enter the mainline not 30 seconds after I turned my radio on. Luckily I was close enough that I could get up the line abit. I shot at Ketepec Rd again. I like shooting at the spot I did. It's a nice view of the curve plus you are elevated to get a different perspective than just down beside it... 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Some more videos....

Here are some recent videos I have shot. I've had some good luck with NBSR lately. Hopefully it keeps up... Enjoy!