Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So much new I don't know where to start...

As you can tell I haven't been exactly prompt on updating this blog.. Having a 1 and 1/2 year old can have it's toll on train chasing. I have been getting out on occasion with fellow railfan Matt (Saintjohnrailfan) and on my own. We've done a few trips to Moncton and McGivney. We even ventured up to Grand Falls to check out the Salmon River Trestle. That was one of my railfan highlights of this year so far. We plan to go there again soon.
On New Brunswick Day, NBSR ran a train from Harvey to McAdam and return. I took my family with me for this day. The train was sporting a freshly painted 2318, 2317 and newly painted passenger cars. Also they had two private cars on loan from Pan Am Railway on the rear of the train for dignitaries. I took some photos in Harvey but the train was on the railroad crossing so it was hard to get any great shots. I drove to the next crossing for a video shot. That's where I met Danny McCracken, a fellow RailsNB'r.
I wasn't sure how the shot was gonna turn out. Just as the train was approaching the crossing 3 deer stepped onto the tracks in front of the train. And I was rolling. But luckily they made it off before anything happened. I then headed for McAdam. What a sight when we arrived there.. A detour around the town. When we got close to the station we realized why. There had to be a couple thousand people at the festivities the town was having. It was nice to see so many people enjoying the day. A brakeman for NBSR that I happen to know was working the passenger train. So we got a nice tour of the redone cars. It's nice to sit in them in air conditioned comfort. After the tour he told me about a couple trips the train was going to make west from the station. So of course I was out taping in a couple locations.
Now for the return trip of the train to Harvey. I decided I would try a shot near the lake. I drove down the road past the ball field near the station in Harvey. Where I parked on the side of the road, you could see a path that took you right to the lake side. So I set up my tripod and waited. Finally the train came around the curve into Harvey. What a great place for a shot. You can even hear the water in the video. Once the train arrived and everyone disembarked, 2317 and the Pan Am cars were removed from the train and headed back to McAdam. 2318 and the NBSR passenger cars made the trip to Saint John. I chased that as I made my way home too.. It was a great day!

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