Thursday, September 10, 2009

An odd NBSR passenger excursion..

On September 2nd I took the family to meet Matt and catch CN 406. We caught the train at Tennis Court Rd.
On the way home I was passing Harbour Station when I noticed a green caboose backing toward the old VIA station. It was the NBSR with an odd consist for a passenger excursion. It consisted of 2318 and slug 008, one coach and the newly painted caboose. So I had to investigate. I got to talk with the crew. It was just a short jont from the station to the Dever Rd Yard. NBSR had some business men from India intown and the NBSR was showing off their facilities.
The crew was really nice. I met an engineer that I've heard on the scanner many times. He invited us up into the cab of 2318. This was a first for my wife Christina and son Joey. We got some pics of Joey in the seats. Christina got to honk the horn. And I got some railroad gossip.
After we thanked them for the tour I took some exterior shots. My first pics of the slug and a shot of the caboose. The consist looked real nice all painted, even if the slug looked out of place.
I shot the train from the park where Centracare used to be. It was a nice sunny day so the light was perfect. I walked down closer to the road to eliminate trees from the shot.

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