Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 More Videos..

I'm being a little slack keeping this blog updated. I'm going to be moving next weekend and things are busy! But I still have to get some time in for some train action. On June 12th I was out railfanning with Saintjohnrailfan and we caught the westbound at the Ketepec Rd.

NBSR was having more passenger trains on June 14th&15th. I made it out on Sunday the 15th. I arrived at Dever Rd. at 9:30am but there was no train. The 10am trip was cancelled due to low numbers booked for it. So there was just a 2pm and it was full! I chased it to Welsford but had to leave for a family BBQ.

And now the best part!! On June 19th I made it out to railfan with Saintjohnrailfan and KRG2645. We went to Carle Ave to see the NBSR westbound. We were standing around chatting about trains when the mainline crew brought their units down to the westend of the yard. As the brakeman came down off the units to throw a switch he yelled at us asking if we wanted to go up in the cab. We totally went for that!! GP38 #2317 was the engine we were in. There were 3 more #'s 2612,2318,9801. We rode along as the crew, we won't mention names, turned the units on the wye and finished their train for the trip to McAdam. We caught the train at the Gault Rd. It was shortly after 10pm and we used a street light to help with our shots.

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