Monday, December 29, 2008

Long time no blog....

I took a trip to Carle Ave last night to see the first NBSR westbound since their break for the holidays. I was also thinking the train might be rather long considering there hasn't been any mainline action. So Saintjohnrailfan met me there around 5:30pm with the thought the train may leave early. Boy we were wrong on both! The train was being assembled when we arrived. Just over 4 hours later they finally left. 2317 entered the mainline at 10:07pm. We decided we would catch it at the Acamac Backland Rd. The one thing I tried different this time was I shot in Sepia tone. I was hoping it would help out with the darkness. It did abit. The train was led by 2317,2610,2318,9801 and they were hauling along train of 58 cars. Definitely not a big difference from any other regular train. Enjoy the video!
It has been six months since my last post. I didn't have the best access to the internet for awhile but I was still chasing. Feel free to take a look at my YouTube account to see some vids I've made during the past months.

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