Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CN's Denison Sub & Another NBSR Westbound

On Sunday May 8th I took a trip to check out the Denison Sub. I recently heard that it wasn't being used. It definitely wasn't. The rails were quite rusty. I saw a high rail truck markings on some of the rails so no doubt they were just checking things out to make sure no one is trespassing. I could only find a few crossings along the line. It crosses the Salt Springs Rd, Rte 860 and Rte 865 right at the potash mine. The main reason I decided to check this line out is my father has started a new motorcar group. Maritime Scenic Rail Tours. This group is going to be an affiliate of NARCOA. My father is looking into doing some mainline runs in New Brunswick. And I thought this could be a good start with CN. I tried to do some research on the line but I can't find to much. The line is named after the Denison Mining Co that used to own the mine. The only date I could find was that Denison Mining opened the mine in 1985. I'm sure it wasn't long after that the Sub was put in. Here are a few pics I took while I was exploring the line.

Now on to NB Southern.. My friend Matt aka Saintjohnrailfan and myself went out on June 4th to catch the westbound leaving Saint John. We both went to the Ketepec Rd. I wanted to try and get a shot with a rock cut near the crossing but the vegetation was too bad along the edge of the rock cut to climb it. So I picked a spot between the cut and the crossing that I could stand clear. The train consisted of 2612,2318,9801 and 40 cars. In the video you notice the train slow almost to a crawl. I heard on the scanner that they were having problems with 2612. It was blowing oil. When they chatted with the RTC they said they might have to set 2612 off at Welsford, but I never heard whether they did or not. Here is a link to Matt's shot of the same train. Enjoy!

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