Friday, May 9, 2008

A day trip to Miramichi..

Yesterday I went on a day trip with my father and his friend Bob to Miramichi. We decided to check out some of the train sights. First we went to the old train station in Chatham. An NB East Coast locomotive was parked idling next to the station. But no employees were around. We then headed for the VIA station in Newcastle. There was just some empty cars in the yard. No trains working at all. The effects of the shut down mills. As we checked out the crew shack in the yard a steady rain started. There were a few employees around. Bob knew one fellow. He worked with him at CN. We all chatted for about 10 mins. The NBEC employee told us that quite abit of crew had been layed off. Also he said they were to find out within a week or two if CN will be aquiring the exCN line back. Bob asked about the idling locomotive. It was SD40 6904. It brought cars into the Ultramar Distribution Center. 6904 is then put near the station and locked up. The train crew is then driven back to the crew shack. They will return when the fuel cars are unloaded. As we were leaving we noticed a train crew getting into a truck. So we figured it was the crew 6904. So we followed and were right. So I shot some video of the locomotive heading to the fuel cars, coupling and at a crossing. Enjoy the video!

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amazing video thanks