Thursday, April 24, 2008

NBSR Eastbound with a different ending..

Joey's first train chase! Christina and myself packed up our family for a drive today. The only twist was I had my camera and scanner.. The rain finally stopped leaving a cloudy day. So I decided that I would shoot video figuring the low light wouldn't be the best for photos. I never heard a thing on the scanner as I made my way towards Fredericton Jct. As I reached the church in Blissville I could see the crossing lights on. I pulled over and turned around to head for my first shot.
I decided on trying to shoot the train as it passes a small lake just west of the Welsford hot box detector. My next shot was one of my favorite locations in Westfield.
It's a nice S curve with a small bridge. The train then slowed through Grand Bay and I actually got ahead of it. So I headed for the overpass in Martinon. The engineer throttled up for the shot as they pass under the bridge.
Figuring I wasn't going to shoot anymore I headed for the east end of the Dever Rd Yard. I sat and waited for the train to pull into "P4". 9801 was about half way through the yard when it stopped. The engineer called for someone to check if the rear of the train. He said to the yard planner that the train slowly came to a stop, and that he figured one of the cars is on the ground. Come to find out they derailed the 7 wood chip cars at the rear of the train.
I climbed the bank near the Manchester overpass to catch this shot of the tail end of the train. It's not the best angle to see it derailed but I didn't want to get any closer where there were a few NBSR employees around. It was decent chase with a different ending, in our new Impala.. and Joey Slept through it all.. Enjoy the video!

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