Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Pipe Train - Jan 23

Well the Pipe Train arrived in Saint John yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't get out to chase the train. So this morning after having some blood work done I went on the look out. After leaving St Joseph's Hospital I made a trip down to Rothesay Ave to see if the pipe cars were down there. And they were not but there was an Irving equipment crane set up probably for unloading the pipe. So I headed for the Dever Rd Yard. When I got to Chesley street, heading west, GP38s 9803 & 2610 were stuck on the overpass trying to haul the CN transfer up the hill. This is quite a common sight on the NBSR so I didn't stop to take any pics. I drove up Bentley Street to Douglas Ave and when I got to the crossing SW9 3702 was on the rescue for the stuck train. Turned out they had a problem with one of the units. When I arrived at the Dever Rd yard I went to the west end to see if any shunting was going on. All was silent there but the end of the pipe train was beside Carle Ave. So I went to east end. When I was down on Gifford Rd a television cameraman was up on the bridge taking a shot of the train. The train stretched from one end of the yard to the other. It has created a lot of interest. So I ventured up to the bridge to get some shots. While I was walking up Bob Boudreau drove by and I would assume for the same reason I was there. I then noticed a track crew working east of the bridge. By this time 3702,9803,2610 had made it up the grade from Island Yard and were patiently waiting for the work to be finished so they could enter the east end of Dever Rd Yard. I'm hoping to catch the transfer of the pipe train to the Island Yard. I will probably take some video if I catch it.


clam502 said...

Do you know what the yard crew was working on Dave? A frozen switch? Nice blog by the way good reading.

NBSRFAN said...

I'm guessing maybe a joint. I never heard them say what was wrong but by the picture I posted they seem to be working directly across from the frog in the switch.