Friday, December 7, 2007

NB Southern Eastbound Dec 6

I thought I would try chasin a train with some snow in the shots. I have never done this with so much snow down. I left Saint John around 1:30pm. I wasn't sure how the roads would be so I gave myself some time to get to Vespra. As I was approaching Fredericton Junction I heard some chatter on the scanner. It sounded like the train was recieving a clearance from the RTC. But I was far enough away I couldn't hear it clear. I made it to Vespra before the train at 3:00pm. I only sat for about 20 minutes before the train came. It was an interesting sight. Normally when I sit at Vespra (where the road turns to dirt) I would see alot of dust from cars on the road. Today I could see a large snow cloud getting closer as the train approached. So I decided I would try some photos first while I had daylight.
My first shot was coming into Tracy at 3:27pm
The second shot is just leaving Fredericton Junction at 3:42pm. I could tell I was getting some dark shots so I thought I would switch to video at this point.
My first video shot I went to Welsford. I caught it crossing the highway there at 4:16pm. Some of the regular railfan spots were quite snowed in. And parking wasn't the easiest. At 4:29pm I caught it rolling through Westfield.
This is my second try at this spot. It is located close to the RCMP station in Westfield. It turned out quite well.
And then for my last shot I did a close one at Acamac at 4:48pm. You really get to see some snow in this shot. I turned the shot to make sure I didn't cover the lense with snow. I got the brunt of the snow squal the train created. The train consisted of GP38s #9801,2317,9802 and 35 cars. I feel the video turned out good. It was accepted on Rail-Videos.Net. The only thing I might note. When chasing trains in winter, where a warm coat even on a nice day. And bring some good boots so you can get into those snow filled places. Now here is the video.. enjoy!

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