Monday, November 12, 2007

NB Southern Railway - 2317 Eastbound

It was a nice sunny day today I thought I would chase the eastbound. I left Saint John around 12:30. I never really know what time the train is due into McAdam, so I take the older roads located close to the rail line. I arrived at my destination at 1:55pm. I usually stop where Rte 645 turns into a dirt road at Vespra. This is west of Tracy. I waited for over an hour. So I thought I would take a pic of something... crossing lights work. I really thought I wasn't going to see a train today. At 3:25pm I finally decided to leave after no sign of the train. Until.. I slowly drove over the crossing I was located by. I saw headlights! Finally the eastbound was coming. I was really starting to loose day light by this time.

I thought I would try a shot as the train enters Fredericton Junction at 3:40pm. I like this spot because of the angle with the rest of the train. Unfortunately it was back lit. But the sun lit up the rest of the train nicely.

At 3:50pm the setting sun was making for some good lighting for locations like this one in Blissville. Today's train consisted of sister GP38s #2317 & 2318 and 61 cars.

4:10pm rolling through Clarendon.

And finally Grand Bay at 4:36pm. Sunlight glared off the nicely painted GP38s as they round the curve. I shot at two locations other than shown. At Rte 7 crossing in Welsford and in Ketepec just outside the Dever Rd Yard limits. They both had poor lighting and the shots weren't the best. The train arrived in Saint John at 5pm.

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